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Mike’s favorite iOS app of 2020: Halide Mark II

The year is almost over and that means that the iPhonededitors look back on their favorite app of the year. Mike’s favorite is the Halide Mark II camera app.

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Mike’s Favorite iOS App: Halide Mark II

It was a great year for smartphone photography enthusiasts. The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max have great cameras, but Apple ProRAW might be even more interesting. This new file format allows you to edit photos with minimal loss of quality, while retaining features such as Smart HDR 3.

But what if you are not ready for a new phone yet? Then the Halide Mark II app is the solution. Although you should miss Apple ProRAW on older iPhones, you can shoot ‘normal’ RAW photos with it. Halide also lets you set many things yourself. You can manually adjust the white balance and choose your own shutter speed.

There are more apps with which you can take RAW photos, but the new version of Halide is by far the most convenient. I still have an iPhone 7 and this app gives the outdated camera of that device a second life.

If you’re using an iPhone SE or iPhone XR, Halide Mark II offers an additional benefit. The portrait mode on these models can only be used in conjunction with Apple’s own camera app for photos of people. Halide also allows you to photograph animals or objects with a bokeh effect. That’s the blurred background that makes portraits so beautiful.

In addition, Halide can also handle Apple ProRAW. The app even offers the option to save your photo in two variants: as an Apple ProRAW and as a ‘normal’ RAW file. So afterwards you can choose which version you like better and then edit it.

Another nice addition to Halide Mark II is Instant RAW. This allows you to edit a RAW file with the push of a button into a neutral-looking snapshot. You can then further adjust the photo yourself.

More favorite apps

At the end of this year, we’ll look back at our favorite iOS apps of 2020. Read this week iPhoned also about the favorite apps of our other editors and more interesting year-end lists!

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