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Metaverse hype: “Spectacularly stupid” and like communist propaganda, says ex-Evernote CEO

Phil Libin, co-founder and ex-boss of note-taking app Evernote and CEO of video app Mmhmm, finds the Metaverse hype “spectacularly stupid”. The talk reminded him of communist propaganda from his childhood in the former Soviet Union.

Phil Libin was born in 1972 in Leningrad, now called St. Petersburg again, in the former Soviet Union. At the age of eight, his parents moved to the United States with him, where he became a well-known entrepreneur and tech executive. He was co-founder and CEO of the note-taking app Evernote. He is currently the CEO of the video app Mmhmm, which he also co-founded. From the Metaverse hype he thinks…

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