Notification only with permission. Android 13 will change their permissions

Sending (sometimes annoying) notifications from the application of current hints will no longer be a matter of course in Android 13, but a privilege that the user will have to manually enable it. We have learned about this condition before and we know about it that it will “pop up” along with allowing access to the camera, storage and the like. New switches will also appear in the first slides, which will be present in the system settings. Now there is also a screenshot that captures directly dialog box with the first request for permission send notifications.

The picture shows that the dialogue will be very primitive and will only offer “allow” and “disallow” options. There is a lack of options for setting different conditions or time intervals, so we can probably expect that possible change you will need to do it deeper in the settings manually.

If you are now thinking what exactly the news will be good for, then know that for example in the fight against constant promotional alerts from games or other applicationswhich is trying to lure you to an offer or pull you in again. It is possible to disable it now, but not so straightforwardly and immediately during installation and first start.

How often do similar notifications bother you?

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