macOS 12 Monterey compatible with more Macs than expected

Fortunately, fewer Macs are falling victim to the modernization of macOS 12 Monterey than expected. GIGA reveals which Apple computers will be supported by the system update in the future when the final release is due in autumn 2021.

Update from June 7th 2021: Some old braids Apple had to do in support of the coming one macOS 12 Monterey cap, but the “haircutting work” falls indeed less radical out as feared. The iMac, for example, may still be from 2015, as well as the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, as Apple reveals at WWDC. The following Apple computers are specifically compatible with macOS Monterey alias macOS 12:

  • iMac late 2015 or newer
  • iMac Pro 2017 or newer
  • MacBook Air early 2015 or newer
  • MacBook Pro early 2015 or newer
  • Mac Pro Late 2013 or newer
  • Mac mini late 2014 or newer
  • MacBook early 2016 or newer

Ergo: Support falls for the MacBook Air from 2013 and 2014 or also for the MacBook Pro from 2013, in addition to the MacBook from 2015.

We see the features of macOS 12 in this video:

Original article:

So far, users of MacBooks or Macs have been spoiled by Apple, even relatively old hardware has always been given the latest operating system update. For example, the current version, macOS Big Sur, even runs on a MacBook Air and Pro from 2013 without any problems. This Apple’s sincerity could come with the Update to macOS 12 however a sudden end find, according to recent speculations.

MacOS 12 compatibility: Apple could pull the plug on many Macs

The well-known macOS developer Howard Oakley namely looked at the routine of recent firmware updates. In the past, they usually anticipated which Macs would also be supported with updates in the following year. On this basis, Oakley ventures a prediction and reveals the possible minimum requirements for macOS 12, a Compatibility would therefore be given for:

  • iMac late 2015 or newer
  • iMac Pro
  • MacBook early 2016 or newer
  • MacBook Air 2018 or newer
  • MacBook Pro 2016 or newer
  • Mac mini 2018 or newer
  • Mac Pro 2019

For many Macs, Big Sur will probably be the last system update, macOS 12 calls for newer hardware:

If this is the case, this would be a hard cut. Especially Users of a relatively young MacBook Air would offended. For example, support for the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017 MacBook Air would no longer be available. One can only hope that Oakley is rather wrong and that the speculation turns out to be incorrect. On the other hand, Apple has had no problems cutting off old braids in the past.

We may see in June:

We’ll know more on Monday

Then there is certainty next week. Apple is almost 100 percent likely to become one at the in-house developer conference (WWDC) first look at macOS 12 grant. Afterwards, developers will have access to the first beta of the upcoming system update. At this point at the latest, Apple will have to come up with the minimum requirements and dispel or confirm current fears.

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