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Do you own a BlackBerry smartphone with BlackBerry OS? From today, it will practically cease to function

Selected smartphones of the brand Blackberry definitively ending. According to the portal TheVerge this will apply to models with the system BlackBerry OS and not newer smartphones that use Android.

With BlackBerry OS smartphones, you won’t even make a call anymore

As of January 4, all BlackBerry OS smartphones or tablets (BlackBerry OS 7.1 or earlier, BlackBerry OS 10, or BlackBerry PlayBook tablet version) should stop working in full. It will not be guaranteed that you will be able to make phone calls, text messages, use data, connect via SMS or even call 911. BlackBerry Limited has confirmed this.

Android smartphones will continue to work

BlackBerry smartphones with Android will continue to function normally. However, it should be noted that the original Canadian manufacturer is no longer behind these smartphones, but the Chinese company TCL, which licensed the brand in 2016. Although interesting models such as the BlackBerry Priv or Key2 appeared on the market, they were not very successful. The company currently publishes smartphones under its own logo. An example is TCL 20 Pro 5G.

BlackBerry Priv | Zdroj: Miroslav Schwamberg

The license was obtained last year by an American company from Texas called OnwardMobility. When it took over the brand, it stated that in 2021 it would produce a BlackBerry device with 5G support powered by the Android system with a full QWERTY keyboard. Unfortunately, this has not yet happened and there is no information on the company’s upcoming smartphones. The future of the brand is so uncertain.

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