Lidl offers a discount on Wi-Fi LED light. Will you go to him?

Several interesting products have appeared on the Lidl e-shop in the last few weeks, and we have informed you about some of them in our previous articles. If you are interested in any of them, have a look at our reviews. In our opinion, a product that looks very interesting and is now also discounted Ledvance LED lamp Smart WiFi.

Ledvance LED lamp Smart Wi-Fi is now at a discount

This is a classic square light that is smart and using Wi-Fi, you can easily pair it with the Ledvance app and control it directly from your phone. In addition, there is support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. In terms of specifications, the dimensions are 45 x 45 cm, the service life is stated at 25,000 hours, which is about three years of continuous lighting. The luminous flux is 2,100 lm, while the temperature can be adjusted from 3,000 to 6,500 kelvins.

If you are bored of the white / yellowish color, you can choose another one, as it supports light RGB. Normally it costs CZK 2,549 on the Lidl e-shop, but now it is at a discount and the chain is asking for CZK 1,799 for it.

Price: 1799 CZK

What Lidl products do you use at home?

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