LGBTQ + workers are still discriminated against in everyday life

It’s June 2021, another month in the focus of Pride. Of course, many companies use this to their advantage again, one reason why we are now seeing well-known brand logos in combination with rainbow colors everywhere again. But how far are we in fairness to members of the LGBTQ + community?

Researchers from the University of Michigan and Temple University looked at the fairness of people who identify as part of LGBTQ + earlier this year. The results are still not particularly positive. Discrimination and inequalities persist in technology.

Not all workers are treated equally for a long time (Photo: Freya WANG)

The scientists base their results on data from five domains from 21 different MINT societies. A total of more than 25,000 people were part of the study, four percent of whom identified themselves as part of LGBTQ +. The report draws a sad conclusion: “LGBTQ STEM specialists were more likely to experience career restrictions, harassment and professional devaluation than their non-LGBTQ peers.”

At the same time, such discrimination is reported less often than in other groups, although almost 50 percent of LGBTQ + employees have already experienced it. Nevertheless, there is still a long way to go. Artificial intelligence is also mostly biased in the case of odd people, and members of the community are also disadvantaged in application processes.

Everyone should have the same rights (Image: Eduardo Pastor)

The researchers therefore give STEM employers some really good recommendations: “STEM workplaces must incorporate LGBTQ status into their comprehensive efforts towards diversity and inclusion and give LGBTQ employees the opportunity to network and support each other and from Maintain corporate governance (e.g. through groups of LGBTQ employees). [Außerdem muss sichergestellt werden]that LGBTQ people have access to all formal and informal services that their non-LGBTQ colleagues also enjoy. “

Own opinion:

We are living in the year 2021, in my opinion it is a great failure in our society if we do not see everyone equally. Why does one have to be born a straight white man to enjoy the greatest benefits in many places? Significantly more efforts will be needed in the future to break down barriers that have existed so far and to offer an appropriate job to every man, woman and person who does not feel they belong to any gender.

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