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learning the piano for everyone!

The piano is one of the most popular instruments, but it is also a discipline that requires time and logistics: it is not easy to find the right teacher or to go to his weekly piano lesson. One solution is to go through a self-learning application like flowkey. The latter focuses only on this instrument: you will find lessons in French prepared by professional pianists and piano teachers in the form of videos divided into chapters: Begin the piano, Intermediate piano level, Master chords, Improvise with chords, Play scales, etc. You can start whether you’ve played the piano before… or not at all.

1500 pieces to motivate yourself …

But learn the piano with flowkey does not stop there since the pleasure of learning the piano is… playing the piano! For this, the app offers an astronomical amount of songs. From the start of the adventure, you can start playing famous tunes: Édith Piaf, Daniel Balavoine, Francis Cabrel, Alain Souchon, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Brel, Gainsbourg, Leonard Cohen, Queen, or themes from famous films and series (Game of Thrones, Forrest Gump, Amélie Poulain). There is something for everyone and the songs are classified into 4 levels of difficulty. For each score, you can focus on the right or left hand and even change the tempo: at 75% or 50% of normal speed.


A teacher in the pocket!

With flowkey, the teacher is in your pocket and you can repeat the lessons whenever you want. It is also very motivating to learn a song that will make you happy or will please your loved ones. For this period, there are of course Christmas pieces …

Finally, note that users who have a keyboard with a MIDI plug can connect their instrument to their computer, smartphone or tablet to synchronize them. This is the best, especially as flowkey does not just scroll through the scores: the application detects if the notes played are the right ones and there is also a function that allows you to play a passage in a loop until the master perfectly. Of course, all keyboards are compatible with this note recognition function, including acoustic pianos.

A free version to give you an opinion… without pressure

As you might expect, the full version of flowkey is chargeable. But when you download the app, you pay nothing and you don’t even have to take out your credit card: you test the app, learn your first songs and you can even access the first lesson. You can also subscribe to a 7-day free trial for flowkey Premium if one is curious. And if you feel like buying a new instrument, flowkey offers you 3 months of Premium subscription for any purchase of a Yamaha keyboard or piano.

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