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how to change your name on the social network?

Who doesn’t use social media these days, including Facebook? Anyone of full age can actually register on this social network. The main goal is, above all, to stay in touch with family and friends. It is also possible to create a new community of friends and acquaintances there. Thus, each user will need to identify himself. A name, which could be a pseudonym as well as your real surname, must appear there. On the other hand, you have the right to change it as you wish, but with the conditions issued by Facebook. Find out the steps to change your name on Facebook!

The conditions to follow to change your name on the Facebook social network

When registering on Facebook, as well on any social network, you will need to provide a name for your identification. If on other platforms you can suggest another name that will appear on your public profile, on Facebook the name provided at registration will also be your username. As this is a name, the platform does not accept the use of certain characters for its composition, namely:

  • Special characters, especially since they are not the same language
  • The symbols
  • Numbers
  • Punctuations
  • Duplicate characters

But still, it is not also possible to add titles of any kind to your Facebook username. Words and phrases are not also accepted by the platform. However, you can access the help page dedicated to the standards of names authorized on the social network. In addition, it is no longer possible to change your username as often as you want. There is a 60-day deadline between each name change on your Facebook account.

The steps to change your name on Facebook from your mobile

There are many reasons why you might want to change your name on Facebook. You actually have all rights in this regard, as long as you do not impersonate another person. So, if you want to make the switch from your Android or iPhone smartphone, or your touchscreen tablet, you will primarily use the mobile version of the platform. This implies that, in order to change your name on Facebook, the first thing you will have to do is access “Settings and privacy”; then on “Settings”. You will then find the “Personal Information” icon, where you can easily change your name. Once you are sure you will need to validate the change by entering your password.

Facebook: how to change your name on the social advice network

Change your name on Facebook from your PC

The mobile version of Facebook has an interface that is just as fluid as its version on a computer or on a PC. To be able to change your name from your Facebook account opened on your PC, here are the different steps to follow:

  • Access the settings section
  • Select Settings and privacy
  • Click on Settings then on Name
  • Type the desired name
  • Check the rendering from “Preview change”
  • Enter the password so that you can then click on “Save changes”.

In the event that you will encounter certain difficulties during this operation, you can always complete the dedicated form, available on the Facebook help page, in order to let the platform know your wish to change your name. ‘user.

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