5x tips to protect your child online

1. Common area

It may sound logical, but children can easily drag a laptop or tablet into their room. By keeping such a device in a common room, you can glance at the screen every now and then. Make agreements with your child about how and when he or she can use the internet and explain that they should never enter their personal details or pass them on to anyone they have met via the internet.

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2. Check web history

It is a small effort and gives you an overview of the websites that your child has visited at a glance. If you come across something that you think is not intended, you can immediately block this website. By telling your child that you check history from time to time, he will not ‘secretly’ visit websites that can hurt.

3. YouTube safety mode

YouTube is full of videos that are no fun even for adults to watch. Solution: Set the security mode. How do you do that? Well, like this:

  • Scroll to the bottom of any YouTube page and click the drop-down in the ‘Security’ section.

  • Choose the Enabled or Disabled options to turn this feature on or off.

  • Note: Enabling safety mode on YouTube will also enable Google SafeSearch, a similar filter for Google Search.

4. Manage apps

Is your child trying to download a new application? With the Family Link app on a Google Chromebook Flip, you can remotely check whether the program is suitable and you can respond by approving or rejecting the download. Likewise, you can also manage in-app purchases – useful if your child loves gaming, for example.

5. Screen time

With Family Link you can also set limits for your child’s screen usage. This is possible for the total use of the laptop, but the limit can also be set per program. Extra handy: you can also lock the laptop remotely when it’s time to take a break, for example to play outside or to sit at the table.

* The name Flip says it all: this Chromebook can be rotated 360 degrees – ideal for watching movies or series in the garden or on the couch. It is also very light and the battery lasts more than ten hours. The user-friendly and secure operating system ensures that all your work is automatically stored in Google Cloud. You can also use your Chromebook and save and edit documents without an internet connection. They are automatically synchronized again when you are online again. Handy, isn’t it?

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