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January 14, 2021 Samsung Galaxy S21 announcement

Unexpectedly, Samsung confirms the official launch date of the Galaxy S21 series. After many rumors, the date is set: grab your diary and circle January 14. Read in this article what you can expect during the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S21.

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Samsung will announce Galaxy S21 on January 14

January 14 is the day. Against all traditions, Samsung opts for a launch in January, a month earlier than previous years. The confirmation comes from Samsung’s largest store in India, after a tour of Android Authority. The Indian Samsung store also reports that the Samsung Galaxy S21 series will be in stores from January 29. It is not yet clear whether the sale date also applies to the Netherlands.

In previous years, Samsung opted for a reveal in February and a release in March, but with the Galaxy S21, things are different this year. Samsung probably opts for this earlier announcement and release to take advantage of the absence of a Huawei flagship. In addition, Samsung creates a little more space between the Galaxy S21 announcement and the final release of the Fan Edition. With the Fan Edition, Samsung offers a flagship for a lower price.

Samsung Galaxy S21 announcement in January or February?

The first rumors about the launch date of the Galaxy S21 surfaced already in October. Several treats claimed to know the official date. Ultimately, the editors of SamMobile and the well-known tasty Jon Prosser at the longest end. Early on in the rumor circuit, she mentioned January 14 as the announcement date.

On the other hand, there was also regular news about a later release in February. At first this also seemed to make a lot more sense than a January announcement. In previous years rumors of an early launch have surfaced, but never before has it really happened. Until now.

What we know about the Samsung S21 series

Samsung has three Galaxy S21 devices in store for us. In addition to the entry-level model in the form of the S21, the Galaxy S21 Plus and S21 Ultra are also making their appearance. Rumors have it that only the Ultra will get a curved display. The colors in which the devices will be marketed have also been mentioned in the rumor circuit.

Samsung Galaxy S21 announcement

Many intrinsic specifications of the new S21 series are also already on the street. This shows that the devices are very similar to their predecessors from the S20 series. Samsung’s new showpieces, on the other hand, may be slightly cheaper.

The design of the S21 series is almost completely known. Recently shared Max Weinbach the official teasers of all Samsung Galaxy S21 models. And previously unofficial renders of the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Ultra have also appeared. So there is not much left to guess.

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