Crucial Google Photos feature suddenly gone


Google has removed a crucial feature within Google Photos. Read here which and what consequences this has for users.

There have been a few posts about this on the internet. Google Photos users find that an important feature in the Android app has gone missing, potentially costing them money. Reports are coming in that the Google Photos app no ​​longer offers a setting. It allows users to prevent video files from being backed up automatically via mobile data. Users without the setting are now forced to use a separate “Daily Limit” feature instead.

Crucial Google Photos feature

Google has made significant changes before. Now, with the penultimate update, users were able to minimize their mobile data usage. This by forcing the app to wait for a Wi-Fi connection. Before backing up video files automatically.

However, photos will now continue to upload for some users if the setting is enabled. This costs you data usage. Since the new update, users can only manage their data usage through an all-encompassing daily limit that applies equally to photos and videos. Once the daily limit is reached, photos or videos will not be backed up automatically until the next day. For many people this is annoying.


The selectable daily limit starts at 5 MB and is up to 30 MB. Many people find this too little. The solution is then to either disable all data limits, which may lead to unwanted costs. Or turn off the automatic backup completely.

The adjustment is completely unexpected. Especially because iOS users don’t have it. This has led to speculation that the setting was accidentally deleted. But so far, the change doesn’t seem to affect everyone. So it can also be part of a test. Google has not (yet) responded to several requests.

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