It’s finally possible: delete your Google search history on your iPhone

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Wasn’t that possible yet? No, you couldn’t delete your recent Google search history yet. Now it is. Read here how you can do this!

Just google it, who doesn’t? Well, at least a lot of people. And sometimes you’re looking for something that doesn’t necessarily have to stay in your search results. Google is now introducing a new feature where recent search history can also be permanently removed.

Delete Google search history

The company makes this possible for iPhone users, but the Android version will also follow this year. Google created this feature to improve privacy features. The tech giant announced this as a possible new feature earlier this year. This gives users more control over their own search behaviour.

Apparently a lot of people think their search history is important and don’t want to just delete it. There is in fact a new possibility to verify whether the person owns the device, before the history becomes history. This can be done via the Activity option. Google then checks this and this makes the history more secure on, for example, shared devices.


Deleting your Google search history is quite easy. If you have an iPhone, yes. You can clear your search history from the last 15 minutes by going to the Google app. Then click on your profile picture. Here you will see that an option has been added. Namely ‘Remove last 15 minutes’.

If you are often on your desktop, you can automatically delete your search history. However, these are longer periods: after 3 months, after 18 months or after 36 months. Of course you can also manually delete your searches.

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