Not even Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra gets a charger (leaked)

Even the very expensive Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is reportedly not getting a charger. A bit sparse for a € 1400 smartphone, isn’t it?

All the better that the Samsung Galaxy S21 series is going to be a real winner. This also comes with a hefty price (as is customary with Samsung flagships). Then you would expect that something as small as a charger would be included in the total picture. But nothing is less true. Goodies confirm that even the € 1,400 Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra does not receive a charger.

No charger for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Rumors have long been circulating that Samsung is chasing Apple when it comes to avarice. The latter removes the brick from the very expensive smartphone package. Samsung appears to be following suit, WinFuture reports.

That would mean that the S21 series will get the bareest composition ever. The door reportedly includes a smartphone (obviously) and a USB-C cable. It stays a bit there.

But wouldn’t it be logical that the very expensive Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra should at least get a charger? After all, it is not the cable itself, but that brick that enables fast charging of allegedly 45 Watts. In the meantime, there are no more free in-ear earphones with the smartphone, so all in all pretty scanty if we can believe the goodies.

Now companies like Apple and Samsung claim to be environmentally conscious with this; customers already have a charger so they shouldn’t have to provide it. Everyone will be able to support this, if the device had actually become cheaper. Let Samsung and Apple stumble right there; the devices are still becoming more expensive.

In addition, technology is advancing faster than Samsung’s principles. Users who had a Galaxy S20 aside, every older Samsung S smartphone has a maximum of 25W fast charging. In other words, even if they have an old brick, owners of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, for example, cannot use the full charging capacity with an old charger.

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