Is a piece of paper the solution to the Switch Joy-Con problem?

Even the Consumers’ Association has filed a case about this case. The solution with a piece of paper to the Switch Joy-Con problem can’t be that simple, can it?

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console for the whole family. However, the device has one Achilles heel. Those are the Joy Cons. The Joy-Con has a worldwide problem and is also known to Nintendo. Several consumer organizations, including the Dutch Consumer Association, have brought the matter to Nintendo’s attention. The problem is that the controllers can drift after a while. In other words, the controllers provide input in a game that you have not asked for yourself. Super frustrating of course.

However, the solution is very simple. At least, if we are to believe YouTuber Victorstk’s claim. According to him, the solution lies in a piece of paper. A small piece of paper in the Joy-Con controller should solve the problem. Accumulated dust would be part of the issue. With a piece of paper you prevent unwanted input, according to the video maker in the video on YouTube.

Another temporary solution is to remove the fabric every time. But then you stay busy and the fact remains that Nintendo didn’t think very carefully about the design of the Joy-Con, because such a problem shouldn’t happen on such a large scale. Check out the video below to try it out for yourself. Perhaps the Joy-Con problem has been solved after all.

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