Galaxy Z Fold3 and Watch4 flashed in the new Samsung video

Is Samsung cleverly trying to lure you into products not yet introduced, or has it just forgotten that it already has them in new promotional materials? He probably won’t tell us. Anyway, but expected flexible mobile phone Galaxy Z Fold3 and the upcoming watch Galaxy Watch4 appeared in a new official video. In a two and a half minute long spot “Voices of Galaxy” several employees of the Korean giant talk mainly about the software tool Good Lock. But a lot of hardware pieces also got space. Including two not yet presented.

Voices of Galaxy: Meet the developers working for open and unique Galaxy experiences | Samsung

The flexible Galaxy Z Fold3 in a leather case and the “classic” version of the Galaxy Watch4 with a leather strap are even together in one shot. The view is not completely detailed, however, both novelties can be recognized thanks to the leaks so far. Video itself for products does not reveal anything extra revealing. However, it is at least interesting that Samsung normally monitors its own official outputs very carefully before the presentation of products (let’s not count leaks), which did not happen here. The question is, if only by mistake. Minimal hand movements with the watch a lot point to targeted demonstration.

Do you think the products in the video are mistaken?

Source: aheadlines

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