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iPhone 14 always-on will cost you no less than 20 percent of your battery

Apple introduced the always-on screen with the iPhone 14 Pro (Max), but how much of your battery charge do you lose to this new function? Actually quite a lot.

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iPhone 14 Pro battery test

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are Apple’s first phones with an always-on screen. With the new feature you always see the time, notifications and lock screen widgets of iOS 16 on screen – even when your phone is in sleep mode.

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Apple has not provided any information about the effect that the always-on screen has on the battery of your iPhone 14 Pro (Max). You can of course expect this function to demand more from your battery, since the screen is always on.

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The YouTube channel PhoneBuff compared the different settings of the always-on screen of the iPhone 14 Pro. How much battery does the always-on screen actually slurp?

Always-on screen consumes up to 20 percent more

PhoneBuff tested the always-on screen in different positions. Now that it is possible to adjust the always-on screen in iOS 16.2, it is of course interesting to see whether the battery drains faster if you have a background on, for example.

PhoneBuff’s test shows that the iPhone 14 Pro uses 0.8 percent more battery per hour when you use the always-on screen with a background. Have you not set a wallpaper? Then 0.6 percent more battery is used per hour. So there is virtually no difference between whether or not to set a background with the always-on screen when it comes to battery consumption.

If you add this up, the always-on screen uses about 20 percent more battery every day than when you don’t have the function on. A decent percentage.

Always-on screen consumes less battery in reality

It is important to mention that the iPhone 14 Pro was on all day during the test. In practice, this rarely happens, because your always-on screen even switches off automatically at certain times. For example, the always-on screen is off when the phone is lying with the screen down or when you have the phone in your pocket. This will probably save a lot of battery consumption one day.

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Nevertheless, it is certain that the always-on screen can consume (quite a bit) battery. You will especially notice this when your iPhone 14 Pro (Max) is a bit older and your battery condition has deteriorated. So for the time being, that is not yet the case. Do you still want to disable the new function? We previously explained how to disable the always-on display.

Watch PhoneBuff’s video below:

iPhone 14 Pro Max Always On Display Battery Test

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