‘iPadOS 15 improves multitasking, gets new notification bar’

Do you like to run multiple apps side by side on your iPad? Then we have good news: according to a reliable source, Apple makes multitasking easier in iPadOS 15. That is the new version of the operating system.

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‘Multitasking improved in iPadOS 15’

It has been possible for years to run different apps side by side on the screen of your iPad. However, that is not very useful. On a Mac, it’s still much easier to run multiple programs at once.

According to reliable journalist Mark Gurman of Bloomberg that will soon change. iPadOS 15, the new version of the operating system, is said to provide better multitasking on the tablet. This should make it easier to operate multiple apps at the same time. Unfortunately Gurman does not give details. He does say that Apple wants to make the iPad more attractive to professional users.

This is what iPadOS 15 may look like

iPadOS has been criticized for years. Although the iPad Pro is now just as powerful as a MacBook Air, the software lags behind. With improved multitasking, iPadOS 15 would be a big step in the right direction. This makes the iPad a more attractive alternative to a laptop.

There are also rumors that Apple wants the iPad to work better with external screens. Thanks to the USB-C port, you can easily connect an iPad Pro to a monitor, but at the moment you can only mirror the screen. As a result, you are left with black bars on the side and that is of course not nice.

The update probably offers many more improvements. We’ve listed all our expectations for iPadOS 15.

‘iPadOS 14 and iOS 15 get new notification bar’

Gurman previously wrote that the home screen will look different in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. The iPad finally gets the ability to use widgets on the home screen. That has been possible on the iPhone for a long time.

Gurman now adds that both the iPhone and the iPad will get a new notification bar. This should make it easier to automatically respond to messages. It will also soon be possible to see at a glance how apps handle your data. Since iOS 14.5 you can turn off app tracking.

Apple will present iPadOS 15 and iOS 15 next Monday, June 7, at WWDC 2021. iPhoned is of course ready to tell you everything about the updates and possibly also about new hardware that Apple announces. So keep an eye on this site, download the iPhoned app and sign up for our newsletter.

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