iOS 15: Apple unveils a multitude of features for iPhone

Apple has just unveiled iOS 15 but also the new versions of iPadOS and WatchOS. MeilleurMobile tells you what new features will be available this fall.

With iOS 15, Apple does not intend to offer major upheavals on its iPhones. The American company is drawing lessons from the global pandemic and consumption habits, in particular with communication features. FaceTime software as well as iMessage will be entitled to new additions for the coming weeks. Tablets and smartwatches will also benefit from great novelties in this introduction of the WWDC.

iOS 15 celebrates FaceTime and iMessage

Via the update of the operating system, Apple takes the bet to offer a complete software despite a big delay caused by the competition. In a few weeks, FaceTime will become a fully-fledged mobile application. You can create a link to an audio lounge for those around them. It will even be possible to invite people on Windows or even Android. The software is set to reduce outside noise and deliver a 360-degree sound experience.

When it comes to iMessage, Apple is content with small tweaks for its messaging app. The company’s goal is to help you sort the received items based on their style. You will be able to store the links on one side and the photos on the other. Nothing transcendent but which will appeal to iPhone owners. iOS 15 will also be equipped with the “Live Text” functionality, an Apple version of Google Lens allowing text and image recognition.

A “Focus” mode was also unveiled. This is an even more precise “Do not disturb” where you can sort the notifications received. Even Apple connected objects will come into line according to your needs. iOS 15 will be compatible up to the iPhone 6s Plus.

iPadOS and WatchOS will keep pace with your daily habits

The operating system dedicated to tablets incorporates many features introduced on iOS 15. The OS is also equipped with specific elements for touch tablets. Widgets will also appear on your home screen with also a Quick Note mode to take notes very quickly.

On WatchOS, few new features will be counted. Watch faces for your Apple Watch will be customizable from your photos. Even features slip into the “Breathe” application.


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