Instagram puts ads in Reels, its copy of TikTok

After a test in April, Instagram announced that it was setting up ads in Reels all over the world. As a reminder, the Reels are no more and no less than a copy of TikTok.

Instagram reports that ads for the Reels section are popping up all over the place. There are some on the dedicated tab, in the Reels within the stories, in the Reels from the Explore part or simply in the Reels from the home page.

Like Stories, Ads on Reels are in a vertical format. They take up the entire screen and last a maximum of 30 seconds. Users can swipe the screen to skip them if they don’t interest them.

“When you go to Reels, you’re going to find the kind of creators that keep you entertained. And also to go there and be in a fun mode, which is a little different than maybe how you approach the homepage on Instagram or the Stories ”Instagram COO Justin Osofsky told CNBC. “I think brands are getting pretty sophisticated in the way they use new short video formats, including Reels, to tell their own stories. And then advertising is a natural opportunity for brands to reach the consumers they want to reach ”, he added.

The change begins today, both on the iOS app and Instagram’s Android app.

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