IKEA puts PS5 and Xbox in showroom for comparison

Does your PlayStation 5 or new Xbox Series X match the IKEA furniture? You can easily compare that.

It is always a gamble whether a new item for your interior will also match the other furniture in the room. Nowadays, a lot is possible with augmented reality, but that remains digital. How it will really look like is still the question. A local IKEA has come up with a very smart solution. If you have a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X and are unsure whether it fits in an IKEA cabinet, you can now compare it directly.

IKEA PS5 and Xbox Series X

This is a local action by an IKEA entrepreneur. Unfortunately, it is not the case that all IKEA’s suddenly have mockups of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. These are counterfeit cardboard copies of the consoles in full size. You can use them for comparison. After all, taking your real console to the furniture store is also something.

This way you can see on the spot whether the console fits in the cupboard, or whether the design of the IKEA furniture matches your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. A creative solution from this entrepreneur! In any case, the promotion has received a lot of praise on Reddit.

Photo credit: u / TomaccoTastesLikeGma via Reddit

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