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Huh, older series on Netflix is ​​a hit in the Netherlands

Admittedly. The undersigned has also started Manifest on Netflix out of sheer curiosity.

It is recognizable. You open Netflix and have no idea what you are going to watch. Then scroll to the top 10 in the Netherlands. Because what are my compatriots watching. And then you suddenly see the Manifest series in this list. A new series? No, this show is already a few years old. And yet suddenly a hit.

While the series itself is very mysterious, we can easily explain this development. Manifesto has only recently appeared on Netflix. And with a positive rating of 7+ on IMDb, many people think it’s worth giving the show a try. And hey presto, Manifest storms into the top 10 on Netflix.

The undersigned has also started it. I have to admit, the series is very entertaining and fun to binge on. The first and second seasons are now available to stream on Netflix. A third season has already been made by maker NBC, but is not yet available on Netflix. The first season dates from 2018 and the second from 2020. A long future was not in it for the series. After three seasons, NBC pulled the plug on Manifest.

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