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How to transfer your SMS and MMS to a new Android smartphone?

Day by day, new technological gadgets are flooding the market more. The idea of ​​buying the latest Android smartphone stuck in your head and you recently launched? Now that you have your new smartphone in your hands, are you wondering how to transfer all your data to your old mobile phone? It’s a lot easier than you might think. Here are the details for transferring SMS and MMS to a new Android smartphone.

SMS Backup & Restore: an application to transfer SMS and MMS to an Android smartphone

With the constant development of technology that integrates mobile devices, new applications are also created. They are indeed designed with the aim of improving and facilitating the daily use of these high-tech devices. Thus, several applications nowadays allow the backup of SMS and MMS of a smartphone. However, one of them stands out for its convenience in transferring SMS and MMS to an Android smartphone. This is the SMS Backup & Restore application. Downloadable for free, it remains however easier to use under its paid version which offers the option of getting rid of advertisements. In order to use it in the transfer of your SMS and MMS, you will have to install it on the two mobiles concerned. Authorization requests must be accepted for the application to function properly.

The steps to follow to transfer your SMS and MMS with SMS Backup & Restore

Now that SMS Backup & Restore is installed on your two phones, you will need to start by activating their Wifi. For the rest, here are the procedures to perform:

  • On the old phone:
  • Go to the app settings, then to backup settings
  • Click on the “MMS” option
  • Tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner
  • Then click on Transfer
  • Press the option “Sent from this phone”

The application will then launch an automatic search to link the two phones and perform the transfer. This is why you will proceed in the same way with your new smartphone. Instead of pressing “Sent from this phone”, however, it will be “Receive on this phone”. When the invitation message is displayed on the screen of your old phone, press “Accept”. Then, select “Transfer SMS and MMS from your phone” and press OK to transfer.

  • On the new smartphone, here’s what you’ll do:
  • When the message “Do you accept the transfer” appears, you will click on Accept and restore.
  • The transfer takes place and ends when the message “Transfer successful” appears.
  • To restore SMS and MMS to the new phone, accept that SMS Backup & Restore is a default application.
  • Once the restore is done, you will be able to restore your default SMS and MMS app by going to Android settings.

How to transfer your SMS and MMS to a new Android smartphone advice

Tips for transferring SMS and MMS to a new Android smartphone

Follow the different steps until the end so that your MMS and SMS can be restored correctly on your new Android smartphone. Note also that some brands of Android smartphones, such as iPhone, Samsung, OnePlus or Huawei, have their own applications to more easily transfer your SMS and MMS from one device to another. However, each dedicated application has their own transfer method, which can be either via NFC or via the Cloud, for example.

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