How bored? These are the best viewing tips for your child this week

mini disco

You don’t have to have a reason to party: put on this mini disco with the best children’s songs and your child’s feet will be off the floor in no time.

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Woezel & Pip: Friends Club

Just a month to see on Videoland. Neighborhood cat and Mole count all the animals they see and Charlie has written his own animal sound song. De Wijze Varen teaches your child everything about the animals on the Savannah and Molletje visits a friend at the petting zoo.

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Life in the zoo

Fortunately, a visit to the zoo is allowed again, but it is also fun to follow the animals and learn more about them from home. For example, how do giraffes sleep? What do elephants eat and what sound does a zebra make? The answers to these and many more fun questions can be found on the YouTube channel of Burgers’ Zoo.


Follow all the adventures Bing has with Sula, Flop and Pando. On the YouTube channel you will find all full episodes, but also nice short clips and compilations.

Life is a circus

If you are looking for a nice children’s film, put your child in front of the tube via Pathé Thuis. There you will find the best films for children, such as My Life is a Circus.

Laura’s father is a professional clown, but Laura has had enough of the circus life and longs for a normal life. Thanks to her teacher, she can go to a private school where she finally gets the chance to make steady friends. Age: 6+

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