Warner Bros. shows only the Back 4 Blood -apkrig action during E3

We already know what games Deep Silver will not present during E3, we also have a clearer picture about Ubisoft, and the organizers of the PC Gaming Show have also announced their plans. Warner Bros. Announcement however, it works like an ice shower, and if you’re hot with the hope of seeing new footage from the Hogwarts Legacy or the upcoming Arkham Knights, you’re unlucky. Representatives of the publisher confirmed that no presentations are planned for these games in the coming days, and fans of games from Warner Bros. they will have to be satisfied just with Back 4 Blood example. The report was subsequently confirmed by the Summer Game Fest account, which explained that she conference of the mentioned publisher really means only the presentation of a single game, which, of course, did not meet with a completely warm welcome.

Players are disappointed mainly due to the absence of Hogwarts Legacy – a game from the Harry Potter University, which, however, takes place at the end of the 19th century. – Of course, they are also sorry for the silence around superhero games, regardless of the fact that we will not see them until next year at the earliest. The first to come is the Gotham Knights event, which was postponed along with Hogwarts Legacy earlier this year. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was then expected from the beginning until 2022, but it is likely that the game will eventually come out later due to the aforementioned postponement of previously scheduled titles. However, this is not relevant at this time, given the exclusive inclusion of Back 4 Blood, leading to its (postponed) release on October 12.

The presentation of this game is scheduled for June 13, but it does not have a fixed hour yet. In addition, it is likely that the action will not be real presentations Warner Bros., but it will only be a segment included in the official broadcast program, organized by ESA in collaboration with selected journalists such as Greg Miller, Alex Mendez or Jakci Jing. At this point, however, comes a note from TechRadar magazine, which was the first to report on the WB program at E3 – according to him, it is possible that it is actually just a word game and Hogwarts Legacy or Gotham Knights can find their place in the Summer Game Fest program. So hope dies last, but for the games as such, it would certainly not be anything special if we only heard about them at Gamescom, or at the end of the year at The Game Awards.

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