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Sponsored – No more outfit stress for your child thanks to this cool clothing box

Have your child dressed by a stylist? It may seem only for models, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Little Cigogne brand has stylists who choose different outfits for your child and send them to you in a special clothing box. And all that for an affordable price.

During the morning rush hour, do you grab an outfit for your child from the closet in a hurry, often without looking? Or do you find it difficult at all to choose nice clothes for your child – because there is so much choice and choice? Then the Little Cigogne clothing boxes are really a godsend. Not only do you never have to think about clothing issues again, your child will always look perfect and according to the latest fashion.

Choose what you like

The concept of Little Cigogne is very simple: you receive a clothing box with three complete outfits. You can opt for a subscription (for example every month, every two months or every three months), but you can also request the box once. Then you only pay for the items you like – you can return the rest for free. And whether you have a baby, toddler or school child at home, it doesn’t matter: Little Cigogne has outfits for children between size 68 and size 164.

Personal styling

Very handy of course, but how do you know whether you are getting clothes that suit your child? Maybe your child hates dresses, he doesn’t like the color yellow or makes the color pink look dull. This is also taken into account! After completing a short quiz, Little Cigogne’s stylists select the outfits based on your child’s age, style, taste and favorite colours. In short: you can shop stress-free again and you also have time left over – which you can spend doing fun things with your child. So a win-win situation.

Shopping with a discount

We hear you think: I want to try that too. Well, you can! Extra nice is that with the code KEKMAMA10 you get a nice discount of € 10 when spending from € 60. Would you like to know more, or try it out right away? Click here.

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