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Hidden codes in Netflix. Content can be searched by specific categories

Netflix offers a really wide selection of different movies and series, but even so, it’s sometimes hard to find anything good to watch. The service itself does not make this search process easier for us, the content displayed on the homepage does not always turn to taste and search by category is missing.

Finding new movies and series doesn’t have to be a hassle

However, this does not mean that the available films and series are not grouped by theme, genre or country of origin. There are hundreds of hidden categories in the service that are not available directly on the web or in the application, but they are relatively easy to access.

The special codes assigned to each secret category are used for this. Instead of the common terms like drama, crime, or children’s, which we usually search for news, you can use codes to discover monster movies, Christmas children’s and family movies from the 90’s, or dramas based on books.

Source: Miroslav Schwamberg

For a list of current and functional codes, see the Netflix-Codes portal. Please note, however, that some content may not be displayed due to regional restrictions. If you do not have a problem with English and you do not mind the absence of Czech subtitles, we also recommend changing the language of the service to English, thanks to which you will see more results when searching.

Netflix: How to search using secret codes?

  1. Log in to Netflix via a browser
  2. Enter a link in the address bar
  3. Replace XXXX with the desired category code

Example: The “classical musicals” category is coded 32392. To have Netflix search for all available classical musicals, enter in your browser.

The link works whether you’re on a computer or a smartphone or tablet. If you’re on a mobile device and you have the Netflix app installed, clicking on a specific movie or series will take you to the app. Code search also works directly in it, just enter it in the search field. However, you don’t always get accurate results this way, so we recommend searching your categories through a browser.

In some cases, you don’t even have to remember the numeric code, and you just need to enter the category name in English when searching. Again, however, you will not always find what you are looking for.

The content is categorized by artificial intelligence, which is assisted by hundreds of employees

Netflix employees are responsible for creating and updating categories. They monitor the content and then fill in detailed information, such as the course of the story, the characteristics of the characters or the location. But since the service currently offers a huge library of movies and series, later artificial intelligence came on the scene, which does this work using clever algorithms.

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