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Recently, Apple launched four new iPhone 13 models. That is good news for the price of the iPhone 12, because the device has become much cheaper. iPhoned list the best iPhone 12 deals.

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iPhone 12 deals

When Apple launched the iPhone 12 in 2020, the phone had a starting price of 909 euros. After the launch of the iPhone 13, the company lowered the price. The iPhone 12 is currently available in the online Apple Store for 809 euros.

That’s a nice discount, but in the Apple Store you still pay the top price. Several carriers and online stores offer the phone much cheaper. You can now get the device separately for 785 euros at, but there are even better deals. Below we list the best offers from providers and web shops.

The best iPhone 12 deals from carriers – save up to 89 euros

If you choose an iPhone with a subscription, there are interesting offers. Vodafone, Tele2, T-Mobile and KPN have great deals for the iPhone 12. With the providers, the device costs do not depend on the size of the subscription. So whether you have a 1GB bundle or unlimited data: the device price always remains the same.

With Vodafone direct you get the highest savings, here you save 89 euros. If you prefer a subscription from Tele2 or T-Mobile, the device is 65 euros cheaper compared to separate. The savings are the lowest at KPN, but the device is also 41 euros cheaper than separately. There are also various offers on all bundles. We have listed these below.

The best iPhone 12 offers at webshops

If we look at the web shops, Belsimpel and have great offers for the iPhone 12. You get the biggest advantage with larger bundles. If you combine the device with a subscription, you can save a lot on device costs. We have assumed unlimited subscriptions for the deals below.

iPhone 12 at Vodafone – save up to 223 euros

Do you want an iPhone 12 with Vodafone? Via you save up to 223 euros. You can choose from an internet bundle with 12.5GB mobile internet, 50GB or unlimited data. With all bundles you can make unlimited calls and texts.

iPhone 12 at T-Mobile – save up to 209 euros

At T-Mobile you save up to 209 euros on an iPhone 12. The most interesting offers can be found at Belsimpel and In total you pay 576 euros for the device. At both webshops you can choose unlimited data and 5G. There are also cheaper subscriptions, if you mainly use WiFi.

iPhone 12 at KPN – save up to 185 euros

Do you want an iPhone 12 with KPN, for example because you also have internet from this provider at home? Then you will find an interesting deal on Belsimpel, where you pay 624 euros for the device. You can choose from ten different bundles: from 1GB mobile data to unlimited internet with 5G.

iPhone 12 at Tele2 – save up to 173 euros

If you opt for a subscription with Tele2, you can benefit from Belsimpel and Compile the subscriptions as desired. This way you determine the amount of mobile data and whether you want to be able to call and send unlimited text messages.

More about the iPhone 12

In 2020, Apple launched four new iPhones: the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Of the four, the ‘normal’ iPhone 12 is the most popular model, which has a 6.1-inch OLED screen. It also has a dual camera and support for 5G. Do you want to know more about the device? Check out our iPhone 12 review and video review:

iPhone 12 review: new design, better screen and much more!

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