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Google wants to simplify Bluetooth links

As you know, more and more models of smartphones are designed and manufactured without the famous 3.5mm jack that can connect headphones or headphones. And the trend is not ready to reverse.
Admittedly, devices are often sold with a USB> jack adapter, but sometimes you have to go to the cashier for a small piece of cable that you can easily lose or forget. For Google, the solution is simple: facilitate connections between smartphones and Bluetooth devices. So it’s not extremely complicated either, but it’s still less simple than plugging in a plug.

By the end of 2017, Google had introduced the feature Fast Pair which was supposed to simplify the connection. This requires that the smartphone and headphones are compatible with this new wireless technology, but simply bring the two elements to pair without opening a specific menu. The Fast Pair has even been improved since last year as it would no longer be necessary to make the connection with all your devices.

In fact, the ID of your headphones (or other Bluetooth devices) will be stored in your Google Account. Once paired with a device, your headphones will be potentially compatible with all others. It will just be necessary that they are equipped with an Android version 6 Marshmallow a minimum. Soon Chromebooks and their Chrome OS will also be there and it’s a safe bet that we will also have the opportunity to download software for Windows PCs. Right now, Google is working with Bluetooth hardware manufacturers to popularize Fast Pair technology … It remains to be seen what will be the crazy guards. Indeed, wireless technologies are secure for good reasons.


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