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Android Device Manager Needed for Security


This app brings us some comfort or comfort; being able to find your Android phone or tablet under certain conditions.

Anyone who has ever misplaced their mobile phone at least once would have revealed that such an app has been installed before. This mobile device manager Android ensures the security of our lost devices allowing us to find them but not only, it also protects our data contained therein.

 Android application "width =" 400 "height =" 711 "/> <span id= We can mainly locate our devices once they have been associated with our Google Account, we can reset a phone’s lock PIN using its tablet or other devices, and as a last resort can delete all data stored on our mobile so that it can not be exploited by malicious people newly in possession of our mobile.

The application allows to find his mobile fallen from a pocket in a car for example, position it to have the joy of recovering it. If we forget our phone and we do not wish until it is back home, that the information it contains serve to someone else a little too curious, we can lock and secure it remote "

Attention, the application can be very useful on the condition that the wifi is activated and the GPS and still it is under network coverage. In this regard, it is a pity not to be able to activate these functions remotely, or even switch it on if it has been turned off. Simply from an SMS sent from another device, for example.

When flying, it will be interesting if remote operations from his Google account act transparently to prevent the thief removing the battery, for example.

It is hoped that in a future version the application can find his mobile or tablet even if the airplane mode has been activated.

This Android application is available on Google Play Store, it is free

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