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Google Play is in action, some paid apps and games are now free

An interesting event for applications and games for Android smartphones is taking place again in the Play Store. There are a number of interesting titles available that are normally paid for, but now you can install them on your mobile phone completely free of charge. Best of all, even if this sale ends, the apps will remain in your library. The Android Police portal covered the topic.

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From now on, you will never have to pay for them again, because now they are completely free. Although the applications will get back their original price. Today’s selection includes interesting applications and games to download from various genres. We believe that each of you will choose. Remember, the action is limited in time, so you should install the applications as soon as possible.

Lesser-known items often appear among the discounted titles, but sometimes there are also popular applications and games that should not be missing on your Android smartphone. We make these selections of discount applications on a regular basis, and it often happens that we use some of those that appear here in the future.

Note: This is just a list of applications and games that are free. We do not guarantee their quality and safety. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check out ratings in the Google Play store first before installing.

Free applications

Free games

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