Google Pixel 6 will receive new Android updates for 4 years

Google has always been at the forefront of providing version and security updates for its phones. Meanwhile, large and small smartphone manufacturers have caught up with the company and now Google seems to be hitting back.

Google Pixel 6 gets four Android updates

An English retailer hinted earlier this month that the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro can count on security updates for five years. Now a tech guy on Twitter reports that the company plans to add four years of Android updates. That’s a significant improvement over the current policy of three years of Android updates and at least three years of security updates.

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If this is correct, and we hope to find out next week, Google will catch up with Samsung again with its update policy. The South Korean manufacturer gives its high-end Galaxy phones new Android versions for three years and security updates for at least four years. OPPO and Vivo also recently changed their update policies from two to three years and OnePlus has also made some changes to its update policy.

Tensor chipset

Presumably, this expansion in the update policy is the new one thanks to the new Tensor chipset from Google that is in the Pixel 6. Since updates are provided by the chip manufacturer and the smartphone manufacturer, Google could gain more control over updates. Think of Apple that owns software and hardware and can therefore provide iPhones with new iOS updates for five or sometimes six years.

In any case, we hope that when the new Pixel 6 is launched, Google confirms this rumor about its update policy and that other manufacturers follow suit.

Google Pixel 6

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