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Google Photos wants users to make the app smarter

Google is a company full of applications. Google now has a new feature available for Google Photos. The application is expanded with a feature that allows users to make the photo app even smarter.

Google Photos needs to get smarter

Google often applies methods to make its applications smarter. Now such a feature seems to be coming to Google Photos too. There was already an option to improve facial recognition, but Machine Learning needs to get even better, according to Google. To this end, it wants to ask users to further train this technology. It can be seen, for example, that users are presented with a photo that they can describe. It is of course not mandatory to use this option.

You will see the option in the Search tab, although it is activated on the server side. This means that the function is not yet available to everyone and it is unclear whether it will also be rolled out to everyone. In the example we see a photo of a cactus, where users can give a description. For example, that this is a cactus.

Google Photos
Google Photos

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