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OnePlus adds 7 new features to OxygenOS (and these 16 don’t)

OnePlus has announced seven new features that we will eventually see in OxygenOS. The new features have been created in part with the help of the community. The skin is praised for its many possibilities, and so there are more to come.

7 new features for OxygenOS

OnePlus has recently collected feedback from users, through the IDEAS program. The manufacturer wants to make the OxygenOS skin even better and so it is open to the suggestions of the community. On the basis of this, the manufacturer has shared an overview of the seven new functions that OnePlus can get started with.

We have listed the functions for you below, including the description provided by OnePlus.

  • Add an FPS counter option to Game Space
  • Separate volume for each app and allow dual media playback

As a user who listens to music 24/7, I want that apps don’t pause my music without my permission cause its very annoying. So that i don’t have to resume my music every time i open an social media app.
One of the few features i miss from my old Samsung S10e

As an oos 11 user I noticed that lockscreen clock is different many may not like I want To have ability to customize lock screen (clocks, shortcuts etc.) Weather data on lockscreen would be epic also. So that It looks better and simplier or whatever you want. Also more stock android and just better.

  • Wireless file transfer from PC to OnePlus devices and vice-versa

As a user who frequently works on a laptop as well as uses a smart phone I want to have the ability to transfer files directly from laptop to my OnePlus or vice versa, wirelessly So that there is no hassle to search for USB cable whenever I need to transfer a file from windows to phone. This application is meant for efficient multitasking. Currently file dash allows us to send files only from OnePlus phone to my laptop but the process is not seamless. You have to connect the pc to mobile Hotspot, type the given web address and then download the files. My idea is “A file on laptop should be sharable to my OnePlus with a single click”. The working of my idea would be: The computer and phone has to be connected to same wifi network. We can then choose a device we need to transfer the files. On selection, we will get a notification on my phone that a device is trying to connect. Once accepted, we can easily share files without the need of cables.

  • Power Diet – an aggressive battery saving mode that would greatly extend the battery life of OnePlus devices by limiting most non-essential apps and features

As A power user who drains out his battery to the point where it switches off automatically, I need a way to get the device going by restricting all apps / services. Also, helpful people with Nomophobia
I want to have an option / toggle where I can turn my smartphone into a basic device with limited features so that it can last for longer when there is no charger or an opportunity to charge. Would you rather, the phone stay alive with limited functionality (perform only basic functions) or let it die midway while working normally? If you ask me, I prefer a feature phone over a dead smartphone that cannot even help me in an emergency situation. This is where the idea of ​​Power Diet comes in.
So that You can conserve precious juice and save it up for things that really matter viz., To be able to make and receive important / emergency calls and receive text messages. Power Diet will give the dying battery a much needed boost so that you have a working phone for longer. After switching to Power Diet, the phone shifts to a simple one screen grayscale UI, with basic app icons such as dialer, messages and emergency services. My intention with power diet is to have a working phone that can perform basic tasks than have a fancy, powerful smartphone that is dead.
Q: How is this different from the already present Battery Saver? A: The Proposed Power Diet feature is an even more aggressive version of the already present Battery Saver. Unlike in Battery Saver, here you will only be able to perform basic functions and carry out essential tasks like calls and messages, in a revamped minimalistic, monochrome UI. Q: What use does this feature have in non-panic situations? A: With Power Diet your phone can be used for days together after a full charge. If my previous experience with a similar function on another phone is to go by, with power diet you phone can last for as much as 3 weeks !! I would use that during long journeys when my companion was a book

  • Black, instead of the current gray, dark mode or an option to switch between either

As a user who tends to use his / her phone at night, I want to have the dark mode in pitch black rather than gray, or both option enabled, so that it would be helpful if there is an option for both gray and pitch black dark mode
And also the pitch dark mode for notifications, quick settings, System settings and all stock apps like phone, messaging as well

As a user who takes a lot of screenshot from web pages and social media applications, I want the ability to take screenshot of the particular part of the screen avoiding all other information present on the screen, so that it is easier to share the screenshot without cropping the image again in gallery which saves a lot of time.
This feature is already available in Realme OS, when three fingers are placed for a short time it activates partial screenshot and swiping down the part we wanted to take screenshot, captures the screen. This can be really helpful with Oxygen OS 11 where there is option to share screen shot quickly.

Features we don’t get to see

OnePlus has also highlighted 16 functions that we in any case not in OxygenOS. It concerns the following features;

  • Hole punch camera notification alerts
  • Desktop fashion
  • Work with social media companies to improve camera optimization
  • iOS 14 back tap gestures
  • Preventing screen burn-in by subtle pixel shifting
  • Customizable battery charge level
  • Dual audio in Bluetooth
  • Fingerprint customization
  • Notification ring
  • Improve the image processing
  • Animations during accessory pairing and connecting
  • Navigation bar customizations
  • Replace the Google dialer with OnePlus dialer
  • Notification count on icons (App badges)
  • Battery health
  • Classic layout on OxygenOS 11

It is currently unknown when OnePlus will roll out the new features to OxygenOS. We may only be able to explore (part of) with the arrival of OxygenOS 12. But who knows what OnePlus still has in store for us. Which feature are you most looking forward to?

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