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Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft support WhatsApp in lawsuit

Google, LinkedIn, Amazon and Microsoft, among others, support WhatsApp in a high-profile lawsuit against NSO Group.

A laundry list of major tech companies, including Google, LinkedIn and Microsoft, have expressed support for WhatsApp. Facebook’s chat app recently filed a very interesting lawsuit against a company called NSO Group. The Israeli company allegedly spied for unnamed governments via WhatsApp. We know this about the case.

Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft and WhatsApp against NSO Group

WhatsApp took NSO Group to court last year because the latter would have a very nasty business model. The spy company sold a spyware program called Pegasus to undetected governments. They would then have broken into users via WhatsApp and its vulnerabilities. It would concern at least 1,400 journalists and human rights organizations.

But according to NSO Group, they deserve immunity because they work for governments. Surprisingly, an American court also recognized that. This prevents WhatsApp from finding out who or what used the spyware.

That is why some giant tech companies write a so-called amicus curiae. This is an addition of someone (in this case several parties) who provide their expertise or opinion in a lawsuit, without being part of it.

Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn, GitHub and Internet Association (which represents Amazon, Facebook and Twitter among others) sign the statement of support. With this, the tech companies support WhatsApp and try to convince the US court that NSO Group should not be granted immunity.

The common statement of support is quite special, because it is not often that almost the entire mainstream tech industry ranks behind a competitor. Of course, this is about more than money; it’s about human rights. This story is therefore going to get a tail end.

Via: TechCrunch

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