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Motorola wavers with updates Edge 30 Ultra: this is going to happen

At the end of last year, Motorola launched the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra. The manufacturer has made work of a stylish and basically a good device. Yet the update policy is ailing, according to messages from users.

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra and updates

In our Motorola Edge 30 Ultra review, we were full of praise for the smartphone. Among other things, the battery life and ease of use scored high points. However, there were also some areas for improvement. We saw this in, for example, the brightness sensor and the (zoom lens of the) camera. Users are now reporting to DroidApp with problems regarding updates for the device. It seems that this is not going well for the Ultra.

Remarkable; for example, the January update has already been published for the Edge 30 Fusion and Edge 30 Neo brothers, for devices from the Edge 20 series even the February update, with the March update for the Edge 20 appearing yesterday. The Motorola Edge 30 Ultra still has to make do with the December update. Motorola promises a different update policy for the Edge than the other Edge 30 models with three Android updates and four years of security updates. These security patches must appear every two months.

However, it seems that Motorola has a bit more trouble with the Edge 30 Ultra when it comes to updates. This while Motorola shows with various other models that updating smartphones is taken more seriously when we look at security updates. Nevertheless, there are still some things to improve. If we look at Android 13, for example, an overview has appeared with which devices will be updated; when the update will appear is still unknown. Remarkable, because almost all other brands have already started the rollout; Android 13 was announced a year ago and was officially made available half a year ago. Certainly for a device of 799 euros you can expect a bit more in this.

Is there an improvement now? Based on information on an American Lenovo-Motorola forum, an update is on its way. No, not Android 13; improvements to the camera. In the message, which comes from a Motorola employee, the update has “much-needed additional improvements to camera quality.” There is no further discussion of what has been improved with the update. The update should be available in the US in the coming weeks, and we expect it soon in Europe.

Response from Motorola Netherlands

DroidApp has asked Motorola Netherlands for clarification regarding the updates of the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra.

In a response, Motorola says it planned to distribute the February update last month. However, it is bundled in the development stage with a new update that should be rolled out soon. This combined update contains many improvements for the device, including improvements for the camera. The brand says that Android 13 should appear not long after, but does not make any statements about when the update will appear.

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra product image

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