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Google Home app gets new interface for routines

The routines in the Google Assistant are very useful for automating certain tasks. The Google Home app now gets a new interface for setting up the routines. A new function is also added to the routines.

Routines with new interface

The Google Home app has given the routines a new look. Previously it looked a bit illogical, and that has clearly improved with the new interface. This means that setting up the routines is made a lot easier and also displayed more clearly. Google has implemented the well-known Google Sans font, added new maps and certain other changes can be found.

Instead of everything in one screen, you now get the settings step by step. New is that you can also choose to activate a function at sunrise or sunset. Google appears to be rolling out the new Google Home app interface via a server-side update. This may take a while until it is available to everyone.

Google Home
Google Home

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