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Google Assistant gets new functions for families

The Google Assistant will get a number of new features later this year that will particularly appeal to families. They are especially suitable for owners of a smart screen.

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Google Assistant becomes even more convenient for families

Do you have a smart display like the Nest Hub at home? Then you can get started with new, family-oriented features for the Google Assistant before the end of this year. It will include a separate tab for families called Family Tab.

Existing features such as Family Bell are accommodated here. This allows you to set notifications for the whole family, which you can play on smartphones or smart speakers such as Nest Audio. For example, you let everyone know that it is time for lunch or dinner. You can also just remind your son to stretch his legs every now and then while studying. The update also brings fresh sound effects.

A new addition is Family Notes. These are digital notes with an important message. These ‘stick’ on your screen so that no one can miss them.

The Google Assistant also gets features that provide families with some extra entertainment. By saying “Hey Google, tell me a story”, the smart screen shows interactive stories that you can scroll through. They also contain animations specially made for Google.

Prefer something educational? Say “Hey Google, what can I learn with my family?” and the screen shows you all kinds of activities that you and your kids can learn from.

Where is my family, Google?

The Google Assistant will soon also make the dream of many a mother come true: the possibility to see on your smart display where each family member is located. Say “Hey Google, where is my family” and you will see the last known location of your partner and children. It is of course also possible to only check where your daughter is.

There are a few conditions here. You need Google Family Link, your children must be 13 or older and every participant must of course share her / his location with Google Maps.

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