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CoronaMelder may soon work together with European corona apps

CoronaMelder may be able to exchange information with other European corona apps from 30 November. Then you will receive a notification if you have had contact with an infected person from abroad.

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CoronaMelder may soon communicate with other European corona apps

The Minister of Health, Hugo de Jonge, wants the CoronaMelder app to exchange information with other European corona apps. For this CoronaMelder must be connected to the ‘European Federated Gateway Server’. Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain Latvia, Croatia and Denmark are already working together in this way in the fight against corona.

The advantage of this collaboration is clear: if you come into contact with a Spaniard who later turns out to be infected, you will not receive any notification now. By having CoronaMelder communicate with other European corona apps, this will soon be possible. In this way, countries can further stem the spread of the virus.

There are still some snags to the plan. The legislative process to enable the exchange of data normally takes a minimum of four weeks. De Jonge suggests skipping that step. The number of infections in Europe is still high, so there is some hurry with the integration of corona apps. The minister will only pursue his plan if parliament has no objections.

GGD comes with its own corona app

The GGD is now working on its own corona app. This is intended to make source and contact research more efficient. With the GGD Contact app, infected people themselves can forward the data of people with whom they have had (close) contact. It is also possible to give the app access to your entire phone book, but this is not mandatory. Sending the data is done via a secure connection.

GGD Contact can probably be downloaded at the end of December or the beginning of January. Now the GGD calls infected people themselves to compile a list of contacts. That will therefore no longer always be necessary. The app is disconnected from CoronaMelder because it processes all data anonymously. That is not possible with GGD Contact.

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