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Glovo: Get yourself delivered anything

We’ve already told you about a lot of apps that offer home delivery, but it was mostly food. Glovo innovates since this courier service offers you to deliver … a little bit of everything!




To eat of course, but also medicines (dressings, Doliprane, cough syrup, etc.), your aperitif, liquids for e-cigarettes, tea, a last-minute gift , lipstick, a USB cable, condoms, milk for your Pokémon, bread, peanut butter or even … Ladurée macaroons (we do not refuse anything in Android-MT)! No surprise since the price of the race is indicated in real time before validation. You also choose the schedule where you are available: order some sushi, a DVD and a voodoo doll at your home at 19h just after taking the lead with your boss (Glovo does not deliver 9mm parabellum, in any case, not currently).

The service also proposes to make the courier … for you! If you have to give the keys to your Airbnb or you have to send a job to print, Glovo takes care of your job! The app also works with a referral system. You can very well encourage your local business to join Glovo: nothing to pay for them, but potentially more customers! Traditional couriers can also get in touch with them to add Glovo deliveries to their tour! This app has been successful in Spain, Italy and the South American countries, but for now, it only delivers in Paris.

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