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These are the 5 best pedometer apps for Android

The new year is a good opportunity to go out more often. We have collected the best pedometer apps for you to help you keep track of your health.


Best pedometer apps for Android

That more movement is good for us, we all know. The known ten thousand steps a day is more difficult than it sounds. It makes a difference if you can keep track of exactly how many steps you have already taken. Because of this you know whether you have to make an extra detour, or that you can pop on the couch without guilt.

To keep track of your steps, a fitness tracker or smartwatch is of course ideal. This way you keep all your steps, even if you do not carry a smartphone with you. You can also see what your heart rate is for example in most fitness trackers and you get an overall better picture of your health. But is it only for you to take your steps and still carry your phone with you? Then a pedometer app is also fine. These are the best for Android.

1. Pedometer – Pedometer & Calorie Counter


This pedometer presents your number of steps in a unique way. Not a simple number or a graph, but a sphere that fills up with liquid. On the main screen you also immediately see the distance, the number of calories and the time you have walked. Your steps will also be graphed, with the app telling you what your daily average is.

Nice is that this app has badges to earn. This may motivate you to just take those extra steps, because you want to earn that one badge with, for example, 15,000 steps in a day. Your number of steps can also be placed on your screen as a widget, so you do not even need to open the app.

Download Pedometer in Google Play (free)

2. Pacer: Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach


Pacer is a fine and minimalistic app, with plenty of functions. The main part in the app is seeing your steps. You set your goal yourself and the app keeps track of how far you are. You can see your calories by swiping to the right. In this screen you also get the possibility to start a workout, for example that you go from running to jogging and from jogging to running.

Swipe to the left, then you start a workout where your location is closely tracked via GPS. The free version is sufficient for keeping track of your steps. You will receive more coaching and data about your progress for extra payment.

Download Pacer in Google Play (free)

3. Fitbit


You might know Fitbit from the different fitness trackers, but you do not need a bracelet to count your steps with this app. If you add a new device to the app, you can also opt for your smartphone. This is called MobileTrack.

The advantage of Fitbit is that the app is good in connections with friends. So you can start challenges with your Fitbit friends, which of course motivates you to do just a bit better than the rest. If you plan to later upgrade to Fitbit hardware, you only have to link the tracker to the app and continue.

Download Fitbit in Google Play (free)

4. Walkr


Do you need more motivation for your walking sessions? Then Walkr is a nice option. This app makes a game of putting your steps. By walking you reduce the energy needed to discover planets.

If ten thousand steps a day is too vague to motivate you, it might help you to get to know one of the fifty planets or a friendly alien by walking for half an hour longer.

Download Walkr in Google Play (free)

5. StepsApp


This app does not stand out in terms of options, but is clear. Your steps are graphed per day, per week or per month. Have you achieved your goal? Then you will receive a notification, so that you know that in principle you no longer have to move around.

Great is also that you can share a nice picture with your progress on social media. With a one-time upgrade of 2.39 euros you remove ads, track your calories and import data from Google Fit.

Download StepsApp in Google Play (free)

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