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Fight against AIDS: Apple has collected $ 200 million with PRODUCT (RED)

Apple is a partner of (RED), an organization that raises money to donate to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS. The money comes from some manufacturers, including Apple. (RED) has earned more than $ 600 million since its inception in 2006. $ 200 million comes from Apple through sales of certain products. The iPhone manufacturer is the largest donor of (RED).

The latest product is the iPhone XR. The model with the red color is a PRODUCT (RED) and Apple is responsible for paying a percentage of the price to (RED). Apple remains discreet however and does not specify what is the percentage. The same is true for the PRODUCT (RED) accessories that came into being with accessories. These include protective shells.

In a statement Apple shares some stories that took place in Africa, a continent very affected by AIDS. In particular, we learn that the Global Fund has donated money to thousands of facilities in Kenya and seven other countries in sub-Saharan Africa to reduce the spread of AIDS. In Kenya alone, there were 53,000 HIV cases in 2017. This is down significantly from previous years. In 2000, for example, 9.3% of the adult population was HIV-positive. The rate was 4.8% last year.

Apple will continue to help (RED). From December 1 to December 7, for any purchase made with Apple Pay on the Apple Online Store, the Apple Store App or the Apple Retail Store, Apple will donate $ 1 to the Global Fund.

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