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Now the situation is the opposite and the wallet cries nicely when you fully feed your vehicle. And now look at it from a different perspective. Imagine that you are the owner of a gas station and every other visitor will grease your pocket. Nice idea! But the reality is, at least in the presentation of the Gas Station Simulator game, quite different. Taking care of the pump is a terrible cat.

Refuel, refuel, twist

When reading the name Gas Station Simulator, you can easily pop out the dust. After all, every good simulator has so many bad ones! However, this particular game will immediately surprise you with its depth and it will not take long for you to realize that refueling passing cars is not so much about it.

You find yourself somewhere in the American, sand-covered wasteland, and in front of you stands a devastated gas station, which has had its best years long ago. But also in front of him. You quickly jump into the bag and start clearing the sand, fill the ubiquitous containers with all sorts of brothels lying on the floor, sweep, repaint and go to the grand opening.

Welcome to the world of complete lazy people who stop at a stand, get out and then wait until you set out to discover and refuel them with the required amount of fuel. What about the fact that you currently have a queue in the store and you do what you can to scan your purchase as soon as possible, not make a mistake and not lose a profit. Either you refuel them, or they leave with a dry tank indignantly, they slander you and your reputation declines.

Nááádech, and let’s go!

Gas Station Simulator is a mixture of many mini-games, which together create something that I do not encounter very often in similar simulation games. Mostly I go to them for their zenness to relax, here I was quickly crushed by a very hectic, stressful environment.

The queue in front of the cash register is increasing, motorists are impatiently impatient at each pump, and in the newly opened garage, a guy is waiting to change a flat tire. There is a supply of food, drink, cigarettes, newspapers, ice cream and other products that you offer in the shop, a tanker with ordered fuel has just arrived and a van full of new tires is already blowing out in front of the warehouse, as the region is obviously studded with nails.

The naughty boy spray-painted another wall with dirty pictures and you have to go paint it, customers have stomped on the freshly swept floor, the bins are filled with garbage and they start to smell, someone didn’t hit the toilet in the toilets and you have to do something about it, your impatient uncle calls with the nature of a mobster and the repayment of the initial loan is required…

At such a moment, you will do nothing but temporarily close the pump and rest for a while. But not out of frustration. The feeling of constant sledding is intoxicating, addictive, the real nut for all workaholics.

Nothing lasts forever

Thanks to the number of activities that the game wants from you at one point, you don’t get bored in the first hours. There is always something going on, the task system supplies you with more and more requirements that unlock more and more systems for an already very busy pumper.

Fortunately, at the right moment, you will have the opportunity to hire a reinforcement, which will provide one of the minigames for a certain amount for you. Suddenly you have a little more time to do what you really want and play only the minigames you enjoy. But in the end, everything gets tired, the hundredth refueled vehicle and the thousandth scanned product are simply not as chic as in the first hours.

You are still waiting for the washing line behind the pump to unlock, which is empty all the time, but as if Gas Station Simulator was not a finished game. After some 10 hours, the supply of tasks ends and the game becomes a boring sandbox, where you have nothing to achieve and you have no choice but to turn it off.

Sir, I can see the bottom!

After the initial shock, when the game supplied you with one novelty after another, it did not subside, and thus kept you in a state of absolute attention and the desire to keep coming back, you realize that it is not as complex as it seemed, and in the end it lacks depth.

For example, inexplicably, you have no control over the price of the fuel and goods you sell, even if their purchase price fluctuates. You cannot automate employees, but you must pay them after each shift and resubmit the task.

You can also see a certain cleverness of the developers, who, instead of properly tuning the game, were satisfied with very eye-catchers. For example, a character will often get stuck, for which the “cut off character” button is convenient in the main menu.

At other times, the artificial intelligence of drivers who end up in bizarre situations and traffic at the entire gas station is stifled because of them. For that, there is an amazing button that summons the UFOs, they suck all the NPCs and your pump is suddenly deserted.

Pumper, he has that crazy bread

That you were surprised by the presence of aliens? The whole game is full of the most bizarre ideas. From time to time, for example, a bus arrives with a very strange tour. He starts playing techno and all the passengers are constantly shaking in the suits of dinosaurs and aliens.

One of the most common garbage that customers leave behind on the ground is live, slapping fish. Behind the warehouse you have a track where you can race for time with an RC toy car. Elon Musk is fueling you. And when you set out to explore the surrounding area, you’ll find a host of absurd things you really wouldn’t expect from a Gas Station Simulator.

Gas Station Simulator definitely has its flies, but it is still a fun simulation depicting one of the many occupations that one can really make a living from. His minigames are not uninteresting, taking care of your own shop and seeing him flourish has something in it, the number of actions that are required of you at one time and creates such a hectic and pleasantly stressful environment, the simulation only goes to the rainbow and I must also praise the Czech localization which is nothing to complain about.

Lovers of similar simulations, ie players who like to spend time renovating houses, repairing cars, mowing the lawn and so on, will get their money’s worth here. Just count on the fact that there is a lot of room for improvement and other content, which will hopefully bring other updates or DLC.

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