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Fill that basket: here you will find discount codes that do work

‘Now 30% discount’, ‘3 hours and 33 minutes left’ to make your move. Online discount codes promise a lot. Enthusiastically you enter them, only to find out at the checkout that they do exactly nothing. Annoying, but thankfully a thing of the past now.

Discount codes turn out to be cool. If you enter them, they don’t work. Or are there a lot of conditions. You only get that 15% as a new customer, the code has already expired or the discount just doesn’t apply to the jeans you put in your basket. In short: it often concerns a specific offer and not a general discount. And that while the name discount code really suggests something else.

Nice platform

Does this ring a bell? It is one of the biggest frustrations of online shopping. investigated the suffering associated with non-working discount codes and came to the conclusion that an average of 70% (!) do not work. Fortunately, they immediately came up with the solution: a platform with codes that are guaranteed to work. Nicely and clearly sorted by category and store, the conditions (subscribing to the newsletter for example) are clearly stated and always up to date. Is your favorite webshop not doing a nice promotion? You can also see that immediately. We are fans! Curious? This is where you should be.

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