Facebook introduced the sound emoji “Soundmoji” in Messenger

Various emoji, GIF images or stickers have been a stable feature of communication applications for many years. Thanks to them, users can react or express their feelings in an original way. However, communication platforms are still trying to entice users from the competition to various new ways of expressing themselves, and according to the portal, the latest ones are BusinessInsider they are so-called Soundmoji.

The offer of audio emoji is still limited

The novelty is brought by the social network Facebook within its communication application Messenger. The social network states that 2.4 billion messages with emoji are sent via the application every day. Although animated images are included, most of these accessories are without any sound.

Soundmoji | Photo: Businessinsider.in

And that’s why Facebook had a novelty created for its Messenger platform called soundmoji. Soundmoji are simply short sound recordings. In Messenger, you should find 27 types of soundmoji that represent a variety of things. When you choose to laugh emoji, you choose the sound of laughing people.

Soundmoji should play automatically upon delivery and the recipient can play it again by clicking on its icon. So far, however, the offer of soundmoji is limited and it is not yet known whether we will see other types in time. It will probably depend on how much users use this innovation.

The iOS platform will be the first to get the function

Facebook introduced the news before World Emoji Day, which took place on July 17. The iOS platform should be the first to get a new feature, and then it should also appear in the Android application. Then you will be able to send stickers, GIF images, emoji and new soundmoji to your contacts.

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