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Eye-catching video reveals futuristic Samsung Galaxy “Scroll” concept

Rumors have been circulating for some time that Samsung’s South Korean company is preparing for the massive production and sale of a phone with a scrolling display. A specific name is also inflected, namely Galaxy Scroll. We have had the opportunity to see several patent drawings and estimateswhat this mobile phone should look like and what it should be able to do. There is almost no official information, but with a phone that matches the description, one of the company’s representatives was spotted. The authors of various fan concepts, of course, were not lazy and set about drawing the form in which the mobile phone would appear. The potential Samsung Galaxy Scroll was created even concept video. Behind him is the LetsGoDigital editorial office, which is known for these works.

Samsung Galaxy Note Rollable Smartphone introduction

The computer-generated presentation depicts the phone according to existing snippets of information. The primary attraction of the whole project is definitely worth attention – scrolling display. In this form, it would not be anything extra surprising, scrolling mobile phones with this construction are already at least on paper by other manufacturers. Oppo has even shown the final product called X 2021. The unofficial concept video presenting the Samsung Galaxy Scroll, however, points to another interesting thing coming from the Galaxy family itself. A scrolling mobile phone from Samsung could allegedly be equipped touch pen S Pen. In the constellation of ending the Note series, that would make perfect sense. Will the Note series replace the more futuristic Scroll series?

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