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An adaptation of the Detention »Vortex adventure headed for Netflix

The Taiwanese studio Red Candle Games has recently been talked about mainly in connection with the game Devotion. The promising horror adventure from 2019, which we awarded 7/10 in the review, was withdrawn from sale shortly after its release due to the ridicule of Chinese President Xi Jinping and never returned to distribution due to the incident. But the developers at Red Candle Games still have the three-year-old title Detention, an equally ambitious horror film that took place in the 1960s – namely during the so-called White Terror – on the premises of a Taiwanese high school. That it was an interesting topic was underlined by a film adaptation distributed by Warner Bros., and this is happening even these days, when the series of the same name was aimed at Netflix. However, its purpose is not to retell the plot of the game, but to follow up thirty years later and continue the story of the late student Zhui-sin Fang, who has been persecuted in the past with a group of other students and teachers during the fight against censorship and oppression.

The eight-part series started with the release of two episodes during yesterday, but unfortunately you would not find it on the Czech Netflix. Although the series has an established Czech profile and comes not only with the title Detained but also with a localized description, unfortunately you can watch it only after switching to English and without Czech subtitles. If you haven’t played Detention or Devotion, you might be tempted to watch the developers and creators of the series capture the appropriate atmosphere of Taiwan and its culture, in this case spiced with a good dose of terror and unexplained events. “A troubled student in a remote high school reveals various disturbing secrets and her life is turned upside down by betrayal and supernatural encounters,” says the description on Netflix.

In the first two parts, you can watch the main heroine Yün-siang Liou, as a new student at Greenwood High School, cope with the difficult start and the negative attitude of new classmates and teachers. Soon, however, the ghost of the aforementioned Zuei-sin Fang enters the scene, and during the second episode, he begins to face very worrying situations. Additional episodes will be released in pairs one week apart and the final is scheduled for December 26. The second series has not yet been confirmed, but it is possible that it will occur if the work meets the audience’s expectations. However, the developers of the original game also proudly support the series, who tweeted about it yesterday morning and also confirmed that they are working hard on their next game. According to previous statements, the third title should again be based on the culture of Taiwan and it is most likely that the Red Candle Games will not move too far from the genre of horror adventures.

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