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Explore Apple Maps with the Landmarks app

In Apple Maps you will find hundreds of cool places of interest. With the Landmarks app you can view all these cool 3D buildings one after the other on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

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Discovery in Apple Maps: with the Landmarks app

Since iOS 15, Apple Maps has gotten better and better. Two years ago, Apple also started introducing detailed models of points of interest in their Maps app. These cool 3D models can now be seen in various countries. Unfortunately, there are no detailed buildings in the Netherlands to view yet.

Still, it’s nice to see what can be seen in Apple Maps. That’s what AndrĂ© Baev and Simon Gardinier must have thought when they created the Landmarks app. With this Landmarks app, you no longer need to search Apple Maps to view the landmarks.

Landmarks: Famous Sights in 3D

Landmarks: Famous Sights in 3D

Andrew Bayev

The app is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. You do need an iPhone with an A12 chip (or a Mac with M1) or higher to see the sights.

The app has a handy list of all landmarks in Apple Maps. By tapping the arrow at the top left, you will see a list of countries. Under each country you can immediately see in which places and how many sights there are to check. It is striking that most landmarks can be found in San Francisco. In Europe, Paris has the highest number of 3D models in the Landmarks app.

landmarks app apple maps

When you have opened the app, tap on one of the place names and the first landmark will open immediately. You can zoom in and out and skip to the next point of interest with the arrow keys.

By tapping the arrow at the top right, you get a list of all the sights in the city. By swiping up you get a small menu with a few extra settings.

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