“Every Saturday night, our children are allowed to stay up late, even the six-year-olds”

“Every Saturday night, our children are allowed to stay up late, even the six-year-olds”

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Creating a win-win situation for everyone is not that easy, but these parents already have some experience.

Daan (44), father of Jan (8), Bram (7) and Noor (6).

“Saturday night is our family night. Then there are chips on the table, we watch a movie or game show and the children can stay up late. No one is in bed before ten o’clock. Not even our smallest of six. That sounds very nice of us parents, but there is a lot of self-interest involved. Because the later the children sleep, the later they get up the next day. It is also a tried and tested means of sleeping in longer yourself during the holidays.”

‘Secretly’ snacking

Ilse (31), mother of Yannick (11) and Jess (9).

“It’s my win-win situation. On Sunday morning Yannick and Jess let us stay until about half past nine

lie in the knowledge that they can then eat cookies and play games to their heart’s content. I pretend I don’t know anything, because I normally have a strict anti-sugar and screen policy. But when it comes to sleeping in, I don’t care much about my principles. I secretly refill the cookie jar every Saturday evening, coincidentally with their favorite chocolate biscuits.”

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Really the last time

Saar (37), mother of Finn (7) and Senn (5).

“Every evening around eleven o’clock my youngest son trips to our bedroom and squeezes into bed between us. Actually, I should send it back, because this is disastrous for our sex life. But I can not. I enjoy that warm little body against me. Every morning I promise my friend it was the last time. And then look out for Senn’s tripping again at night.”

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