Enhance Your Movie-watching Experience With Light Mi Neo Sync Box

For some people, watching a movie is not just sitting down on a comfy couch, eating popcorn, and following the story to end. It is about taking the experience to a whole new level. The perfect size TV and display technology bring the best picture, while the surround sound system can enhance the audio. But Light Mi Neo will complete your movie-watching experience by bringing the immersive atmosphere of the movie to the entire room.

What Is Light Mi Neo Sync Box?

Light Mi Neo Sync Box is a device that allows you to sync the smart light and the content on your TV. It turns the color and sound on the screen into lights. This way, you will be immersed in the movie you watch, the games you play, etc.

Have you ever attended a theatrical show or live concert? They don’t come with a single monotonic light mood. They have a lighting team behind to play the light to give their audience the best show experience. That is what Light Mi Neo offers. It is like having a personal lighting man who can turn the sound and color on the screen to the lights.

How To Setup Light Mi Neo

The installation process will only take a few minutes.

1. First, make sure you get 1 HDMI sync box, 1 HDMI cable, 1 AC adapter, 2 LED strip lights, and 4 fixing brackets for LED strips inside the packaging box.

2. Stick the brackets on each back corner of your TV
3. Place the LED strip lights all around the back of your TV.
4. Get the Light Mi Neo Sync box and plug each LED strip light into its ports on the sync box.

5. Get the HDMI cable. Connect one side to the TV and another one to the HDMI output on the sync box.
6. Connect your HDMI device like Apple TV, PlayStation, and Switch to the HDMI input port.

To control the lightning effect, switch between modes, setting colors, and more, you need to download the Light Mi app on your smartphone. You can also use a voice control because the sync box is compatible with Amazon Alexa devices and Google Home.

The Light Mi Neo Features

Fit Any Size TVs

Light Mi Neo comes with three different sizes of LED strip lights that will fit any size TV. The strip is flexible, cuttable, waterproof (IP65), and uses the strong 3M adhesive to hold it tightly on any surface.

1. 65 inches and below (7.7 Ft light strip * 2 pack) Contains 138 lamp beads, each brightness is about 2000lm

2. 65-90 inch (10 Ft light strip * 2 pack) Contains 144 lamp beads. Each brightness is about 2500lm

3. 90-120 inch (13.1 Ft light strip * 2 pack) Contains 120 lamp beads , each brightness is about 3400lm.

High-quality RGB strip LED lights

The TV Backlight Kit from Light Wed uses the advanced RGBIC to recognize any color on HDMI devices. It has unlimited color modes, 12 scene modes, three music models, and three video modes to bring the theatrical atmosphere to the entire room while you are streaming.

Zero delay synchronization

Once you turn on the Light Mi Neo, it will sync the content on your TV or another HDMI device with the backlight kit with zero delays. You don’t even need to calibrate. It will bring the immersive entertainment experience to you automatically whenever you turn it on.

Ultimate Control

You can control the Light Mi Neo using your phone and voice control as it is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices. Whichever suits you best. The Light Mi app allows you to switch between 12 scene modes, three video modes, and three music modes. Cool!

Provides An Extended Immersive Gaming Experience

Light Mi Neo works with Xbox, PlayStation, and many more. It can play up to 4K 30Hz. If you have any other smart lights, you can also connect them to the sync box. Together with the Light Mi TV Backlights to provide an extended immersive gaming experience ever.


Light Mi Neo can be the alternative to Phillip LED light to level up your movie-watching or gaming experience. It offers a more affordable price and user-friendly app. With the high-end feature and high-quality LED strip lights, it is worth a try.

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